Scuba Diving Certification

Discover another dimension of reality - immerse into the underwater world. This certification will allow you to see, enjoy, and film the amazing underwater realm. Your travel destinations will never be the same, you can always do some diving while you travel. Enjoy a new lifestyle, new experience, new friends and very importantly - enjoy your NEW YOU!

You are just a few steps away from becoming A DIVER.


How we do it

We meet, talk,...

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What you get

A brand new way of seeing our world.

New look for your pictures, videos, and memories you will never forget!



Appreciation act

You will be invited to voluntarily support the Project AWARE Foundation
and to become a part of an ocean cleaning force.

This is what divers do.

The big splash

We will breathe...

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Ready for the adventure

We will go...

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It lasts forever

Your certification never expires.

You will benefit from it all your life.




Happy diving from your new dive buddy Zdenek Ulman!

Making it happen

The costs presented...

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